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Fed Up With Discover!

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Re: Fed Up With Discover!

I hate Discover. I've been a member since May 2008 (started with a $500 limit), was able to get that up to $1,500 then had numerous CLI requests denied. Last October I requested an increase (and I let them hard pull) and they granted me a $3,000 limit. About a week later they sent me something in the mail saying congratulations I was approved for a $6,000 credit line. I think great, wait a day or two and it's not showing online, call in and they basically blow me off telling me even though my letter said I would have a $6,000 limit they sent out wrong info and basically totally blew me off and as always continued to try to sell me stoled card protection (where they give me money for a new wallet too) and the if you're injured don't worry about your CC bill insurance. I am totally turned off from their company and CSR and basically keep the card since it is my second oldest TL. Swipe a coffee every few months but other than that I gladly let it collect dust.

What's In My Wallet:American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card, American Express Costco True Earnings, Citi AA Visa, Barclays US Air, Citi Prestige
What's In My Sock Drawer: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Discover More, Bank of America Accelerated Rewards AmEx, SME FCU Visa
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