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First Premier Card... avoid these bottom feeders!!

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Re: First Premier Card... avoid these bottom feeders!!

i just sent out a gw letter to get a charge-off removed from my reports. from reading the posts in the this thread. i'm guessing it isn't going to work.Smiley Very Happy
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Re: First Premier Card... avoid these bottom feeders!!

Dear CreditHawk,


I realize it has been a while since you posted on this website and I am hoping you are still on this forum.  Is there a possibility you would still have Mr. Miles Beacom's (President of FirstPremierCard) executive assistant's telephone number?  I too have been searching to find her number and am having no luck.  I know Mr. Beacom and his wife from living in Sioux Falls---we attended the same church.


My reason for contacting her is to also dispute a $5.23 charge that is listed on my credit report.  This charge is false and based on my records, the fault lies with FirstPremierCard.  I had no luck with their poor customer service representatives.  They were highly unprofessional and rude.  One gentleman hung up on me.


Thank you ever so much for any help you may give me!



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