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First startup charge card?

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Re: New Fintech Premium Card Offering

@Ilinferno - please reference the active discussion upthread on this particular card.

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Re: New Fintech Premium Card Offering


😬 My bad, I totally missed it!

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Re: First startup charge card?

    Hi OP, welcome to the forums. The card in question comes off as pretentious to me. The annual fee is a major turnoff, as well as the qualifications. Feel free to forward my thoughts to the rest of the marketing team. Thanks.

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Re: First startup charge card?

As said, I checked and it comes to this:


Screenshot 2021-12-24 112725.png


So you need either one of these to get approved? Crazy! This is ideal for people who are wealthy.

I'm out ...

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Re: First startup charge card?

I think we may have finally come across a card that makes the BarclayUS Black Card look good.

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Re: First startup charge card?

@coldfusion wrote:

I think we may have finally come across a card that makes the BarclayUS Black Card look good.

IMO, the X1 card left a lot to be desired, but it blows this PointCard Titan away unless there are details not yet revealed.  The earning structure, the high AF, the lack of perks or credit don't make this any sort of serious contender to cards in the $400 AF range.    We keep seeing these metal cards pop up that don't deliver premium value, they're all show with tech features aimed at the Gen Z and Millenial market.  At least the Apple titanium card paid 2% in cash with Apple Pay and 3% in some cases, with no AF.

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Re: First startup charge card?

Finally, I found a card that it looks clearly impossible to justify its AF Smiley Happy. How on earth, it would be feasible to cover a hefty 400$ AF without having any e.g. dining/streaming credit? It may work if the 5x subscription category would be very broad including e.g. hefty monthly mortgage subscription of 5k/m and they should them directly a check, since my mortgage does not accept any debit/credit card Smiley Happy

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Re: First startup charge card?

$399/yr are they insane?


I saw nothing that would get me to chose this card over premium cards. They're website is doing a poor job of selling this, I can't imagine anyone would willingly pay them to use their card.



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Re: First startup charge card?

I think the most likely explanation is that they're going for people who are not card-savvy and don't know better. You can make more money from a small number of fools than from a large number of people who shop around. Or for people who just want to have something different (for the sake of being different) than the (in some places common) CSR and Platinum.


Another possibility is that they're trying (not necessarily successfully) to position it as a Veblen good, where demand can rise with price among a small set of consumers. Conspicuous consumption not only excuses but glorifies the lack of value.

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