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Future for Zync (Exec Office update on pg. 4)

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Re: Future for Zync holders

jdsteel731 wrote:

Ahhh okay that would make sense. I bet they'll do that for a year or so, then remove all the packs all together as they try to convince people to PC from their Zync's to another charge card. I'm just glad I put on my restaurants pack when I signed up, I was debating only using the free packs Smiley Happy

I think your right jd... at some point the packs will disappear altogether and it will simply be a $25 AF charge card. I'm glad I got the home improvement pack on it for me. That $20 giftcard buys me lightbulbs for a year (and double points on purchases at lowes!)!  Smiley LOL

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Re: Future for Zync (Exec Office update on pg. 4)

And I just got my pretty little card in August too.  Hopefully they have a new product coming out that I can PC to.  Or they can let me swap my Zync+BCE for a BCP.

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Re: Future for Zync (Exec Office update on pg. 4)

Bump for update:

called csr today to see if a)any developments on an official statement from Amex re: future of zync and b) if it was possible to enrolled in any new packs by phone. For the first one, they still don't have an official statement for the sync card as a whole, just the the entire PACKS program is being discontinued. She confirmed what we already know, that any packs you currently have on your card will remain the same. She also assured me that the zync card was NOT being discontinued. Just no new applicants.

One last thing, she told me that as far as she knows, the free packs (eg. Eco pack) will still work just like the paid packs. This was great news for me since I can still get my 2% for groceries at trader Joe's and the like.

Here's to hoping they keep the status quo for at least a good couple years!
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Re: Future for Zync (Exec Office update on pg. 4)

Forgot to say, it appears you CAN remove packs by calling up csr. So, if and when they remove packs completely, you can still just pay $25 af for a no frills Amex charge card. Kinda like the blue, except with an Af and NPSL.
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Re: Future for Zync holders

Revelate wrote:
They will probably PC the customers they like. Webhopper is a good example: she runs a few K a month through the card if I remember right, Amex isn't going to want to lose her business.

I'd like to think I'm in the boat as well, but as one of the last people to acquire on at least on this forum all bets are sadly off in my case.

I would wager that the current Zync customers will be quietly PC'd to something else perhaps we'd get to choose, likely with a waived or prorated AF for the year.

They won't allow us to keep the cards forever, at most it would be 4 years from 9/30 (expiration date of likely their last issued Zync).

I'm just going to wait and see and till they make a decision, keep to my plan and still run the majority of my expenditures through this card. I didn't work that hard to obtain it, but I hope I don't lose my new relationship with Amex over it's discontinuation.


DARN RIGHT! I run anywhere from 2.5k to 5.5k spend through the card per month but I'm a cheapskate and I don't want a high AF. If they will support my card for the next four years I will be happy. If they offer to PC my card to gold or PR gold with no fee for first year I would consider. The packs fit my needs... hopefully amex will consider a different product for peeps like me.

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