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Garden Club - April 2017

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

And go Tar Heels!

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

I made it, I made it, I made it!!!  Woot Woot!!!  Such a great feeling... 3 months in.  Spade has been updated to Silver and I'm excited to say I cant wait to graduate to the next spade level.  I havent seen too many changes in scores or credit limits yet Smiley Frustrated but I'm holding steady to ALL the potentials Smiley Happy.  (Had a few decreases in interest rates last month so, not  a bad month)...  Hang in there gardeners Smiley Wink

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

This will be month 14 for me! I love my spade but I can't wait for a precious ruby. I hope I can make it that long.

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Bella007 wrote:

Pedro1 wrote:

Bella007 wrote:

Pedro1 wrote:

My wife and I stayed up to watch the women's NCAA final four. Now I'm wide awake after that ending.  On the credit front I'm making nice progress. No real itches for anything credit related besides a mortgage; which will come in due time.  In the meantime I'll reach 3 months of gardening toward the end of April!🙂 In the meantime I'm working on my utilization and letting my report continue to age. 

Hi Pedro, my hubby and I watched it too. What a game! Just as exciting as any of the men's games I've seen, if not more exciting! I love great games like that! Smiley Happy

Yes it was.  It was a fantastic game. That was a very exciting game.  We were thrilled with the ending. 

Us too. I am going to be cheering for Mississippi State on Sunday. Smiley Wink

Hail State! My alma mater...kind of. I did one of their online Master's programs and was there for a few days to a Capstone to finalize my research & my degree. Great place. Rutgers will always have a stronger place in my heart, though, even if they're bottom of the barrel in the Big 10. Keep in mind I don't follow sports much for either, though...


Anyways, hello everyone! It's again been another while since I've been on here but now that work is quieting down, it's good to be back. It's been almost 4 months now since I last applied for a card? Went for a 0% APR card for some wedding expenses to give me and the fiance some time to pay it off. We each have car loans, my student loan has kicked in, and his is about to, plus living expenses, it's worth the paying over time without interest. Hope to be clean for a while, here.


Happy gardening, everyone!

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

All of you are doing so well.  I am happy for all of you.


Last month I posted my then goals for 2017.  Have noted my progress below.




Close Barclay Rewards and SallieMae cards?  OR Close Commence and transfer $ to Rewards


Close Chase AARP transferring $10K to Chase Amazon Visa Prime.  Completed


No hard pulls for 24 months last HP  Well that is null and void.  Had to replace the HVAC which resulted in a HP for financing.  Goal started again not to have HPs for 24 months on 3-21-2017.


PC NFCU Flagship to GoRewards  PCd to CashRewards.  Completed


Increase CL on Citi DoubleCash.  

I have kept an eye out for the auto increase I have read so many times that Citi does for the DC after one has had it for 6 months (and a CSR told me the same).  It has been a bit over 6 months now and have not received an auto increase.  Bummer.  So, goal remains to increase CL on Citi DoubleCash



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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Happy April everyone. Will be here in the garden until June due to my lease coming due on vehicle. After that a least until this time next year. Focusing on getting our new house together and regaining points lost the last few months from a couple of new accounts. Stay strong everyone. 

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Just checking in,   Seemed like it took forever for February to end but March flew by!   Tuesday will be month 2 in the garden for me.   I have had some good offers, but I really dont need any additional credit - working on paying off the last of the BT's I did to the new cards. 


Garden strong everyone!

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Still plugging away at trying to raise my CLI on my cards this year. Already had a $100 raise on my Cap1 card after my third statement. I have high hopes that I'll be getting a decent credit steps increase. Then there is my card from my local CU they said I could ask for a increase after a years time. I have no idea if this will be a SP or a HP hopefully SP so I can stay in the garden come Sept. Then after that wait til Dec and hit the LUV button again on my Cap1 card at the year mark. I am not too sure what I'll do if anything after that maybe just continue gardening. I am saving up to get a used car so might end up apping for used auto loans sometime next year. If I plan on trying for an auto loan should I hold off on getting any other cards before hand?

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

GUYS!  30 days and counting for my last payment to CITI 2700 then I can say 23,000 charge off is PIF! I've been keeping my nose clean from opening any CC"s for the last 18 months: almost 3 years since my charge off !  I'm afraid I will soon leave you guys for a little spree, but I will come back.  I promise!

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Just checking in for April. So far I have been resisting the urge to app. Want Amazon but really want to stick to being in the garden and aging my accounts. 

I did get a auto cli on my qs1 went from 1000 to 2000 ( credit steps). 

Anyways. Congrats to everyone hanging in there. Happy gardening. 


Fell of the wagon -- Gardening starting again 2/25/18- ???
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