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Garden Club Thread - September 2016


Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

I guess I'll join the crew of lurkers making a first post.


I've had an internal struggle not letting myself apply for the Marvel MC or BoA Cash Rewards, but I really need to just stick with what I've got, at least until the 0% apr intros end next summer.


I've had a Capital One card since 2006.  Got a Chase Freedom Unlimited in April. After that, Capital One decided to offer me a pc to the Quicksilver.  Approved for both Discover It and BCE last month, so I'm definitely set with some good cards and really don't need to do any apping!  I bought a new car in May, so I won't need any new lines of credit for awhile. Definitely want to buy a house, but I've got to get my student loans down some before going for that.


So, here I am with yall!  Haven't purchased any scores, but Discover/AmEx scores were around 722 when I apped early August. CK Fakos are 728/731 today 

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Welcome Woopig! You have some nice cards. Good luck with the house, gardening will definitely help you.
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Gardening works! Too many apps can sure cause trouble of late. No cards on my horizon (nothing really catches my eye - this could change). Scores are in the 800's after several years in the 400's to 500's. Sure feels good. It takes will power to pay/play the game of credit.
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Hello all,


Unfortunately I had to step out this month, but honestly I'm grateful for it because I finally know what I want in terms of a CC line-up. Will be here for at least 6 months, may step out again, but ideally I won't have to much after that except for a mortgage in 2-3 years Smiley Happy


Keep up the great work, everybody! Gardening is certainly rewarding.

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Checking in for the second month.  I am watching as my Credit Karma scores go up.  Just waiting to see what my score on the Discover Credit Scorecard has done, though.  Was at 755 before the student loan refi and the 2 new cc's and I'm at 740 now, without the new loan reporting.  Hopefully it doesn't plunge too much when the new loan hits.  Luckily, my two Chase cards will be a few months old to maybe support that a bit.  As long as my oldest loans stay on, I figure I'll be good.  I will likely have to buy a new car within the next year or two since it just crossed over 200k miles on Wednesday and will probably be looking for a house in the next 5, so I'm trying to position myself for those two things.  Hopefully this gardening thing works out!

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Checking in for September!

Entering now month 3 of gardening....Smiley Happy..
Hope everyone is staying strong, and obtaining their goals, whether credit or personal! Have a great Holiday weekend!

Scores held down by umpteen INQ & New accounts, and a paid off loan and new loan reporting.
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Woke up to credit karma alert. Had my only two collections unexpectedly removed. A year early. Hope it stays that way. Up 52 to 717 fako for Equifax. 685 fako in transunion as it still has one of them. Pleasant surprise. Can't wait for discover and amex to update and see a fico.
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Happy Gardening! Today it's two months since I'm in the garden. I've had good fruits. My plants are growing. My Discover auto CLI the I requested a soft pull CLI and got it. Now at 6800 CL. Also, my credit scores went up 30 points across the board. Now over 700 CS. Gardening has been good so far. I just need to be in the garden for 22 more months. The time I plan to apply for a mortgage.

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Happy Friday everybody!


I've got the weekend off, and a deck to rebuild. 


Good times, noodle salad. 


If'n I remember, I'll post pics on Monday... I hope.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Still in the garden...26 months and counting!  Paying down accounts...and finally able to start an emergency savings account!  I know it was risky not having one, but due to major surgery earlier this year, a lot of things had to be put on the back burner; but I am feeling much better and things are starting to fall into place for me.

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