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Getting there.....

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Getting there.....

My reported EX util dropped below 20% today for the first time in over a year. Feels good. Was at 80% before Christmas.


I decided to try the preapproval link at Amex. Like the dozens of times before, I was expecting the trite, "Unfortunately.....". However today, Amex came back with preapproved offers for the Green and Gold. Now I have no use for any new CCs and passed, but had to share this. It is a milestone. My days of bad credit are no more.


Though it did get me wondering...I opted out two weeks ago in anticipation of a future mortgage app. How does opting out impact preapproval sites like BofA or Amex?

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Re: Getting there.....

Congratulations!!!!!  I'm looking forward to the day when Amex will be my friend.  Way to go!!
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Re: Getting there.....

That's great news! It's a sign of better credit.
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Re: Getting there.....

Congrats IIecs! Aaaaah... doesn't it feel good?!?


Regarding having opted-out, It will take a few more weeks (maybe up to a couple of months) and then when you go to the BoA & Amex pre-approval sites, they shouldn't have offers for you.


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