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Giving Capital One EO a try

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Re: Giving Capital One EO a try

So based on everyone's awesome advice this is my plan for the next 3 months: 

  • Pay down all my cards to get to under 10% utilization
  • Close my 2 First Premier accounts. I will close the one with a $250 limit after I pay the balance next week, then close the "Platinum" card in June. 
  • Close my Credit One account in June
  • Try Capital One EO again for CLI on my Capital One card
  • Apply for Chase Freedom or Barclays Sallie Mae reward card in late July/August after the reports update. 
  • If I get approved for one or both of above and get the CLI from Cap One I will then close all my remaining rebuilder cards. 

I also intend to apply for a mortgage in September. In the past year I have only 2 inquiries on my TU and EX, 4 on my EQ. So I don't think inquiries wll be an issue. Thoughts? 


Starting Score: FICO TU 503 FICO EX 470 FICO EQ 498
Current Score: FICO TU 705 EX 698 FICO EQ 692
Goal Score: 700 Club

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