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HSBC Cards

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HSBC Cards

I just got a Best Buy Reward Zone card with a $300 CL.  I have two other HSBC cards, (1) a $200 secured card that is two years old and (2) a $300 "Platinum" card that is about 5 months old.  I figure I don't want/need to many credit cards to begin with, but it seems like HSBC will keep approving me based on my flawless history with them so far.  I read, though, that they cut you off at 3 cards... is that true?  I would figure they'd want to keep sucking the annual fees out of me.


My score went up a bit, so I applied for a Shell gas card.  They said wait 30 days and see; doesn't sound good.  So, I am wondering why HSBC, or anyone else, won't raise my limits.  Does HSBC only issue new cards for $300?  I've read here that they rarely give CLIs, so how does anyone use their cards for any reasonable daily activity?  I'm just curious because I put about $10k a month on my debit cards and I'd rather be building my credit profile with at least some of that spending.

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Re: HSBC Cards

Have you tried to convert the secured card?  


If you have that much to charge, why not put a lot bigger deposit on the secured card so you can use it?

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Re: HSBC Cards

Because the secured cards has no rewards whatsoever. I get 1 mile per dollar on my debit card, but one of my Orchard cards has 2% cash back which is better. I suppose it's quite possibly better because they realize they won't have to pay much back.

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