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Have I been rebucketed? (sp?)

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Re: Have I been rebucketed? (sp?)

j_casteel wrote:

what is rebucketing?

Rebucketing refers to differences in the scoring algorithm based on a consumer's profile. For example, let's consider the number of revolving accounts. Consumers with 1 revolving account get one algorithm applied, 5 revolving accounts get another slightly different algorithm and 10+ revolving accounts get yet another scoring algorithm.


Those with 1 revolving account are lumped together in one scoring bucket, 5 account holders are in another bucket, 10+ account holders in a third bucket.

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Re: Have I been rebucketed? (sp?)

j_casteel wrote:

forgive my ignorance, but what is rebucketing?

in the op's case,  he was so close to 700 with a collection and some lates so you would think he would be in the mid 700's with the derogs removed right?  well here comes rebucketing to ruin the day!

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Re: Have I been rebucketed? (sp?)

First off, remember to play nicely!!!!


It does sound like a case of rebucketing.  As I take it you've pretty much got all the negatives off you may have been rebucketed, also some accounts may have fallen off that actually were helping your AAoA.  Then again sometimes there's the gremlin affect cause I have no idea what's going on!

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Re: Have I been rebucketed? (sp?)

thanks for the explanations and that stinks.

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