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Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

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Re: Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

The card is bucketed and all your efforts will be futile.  Get another card will be your best bet. 

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Re: Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

@quikj9  Started off @ $500. I missed 2 CLI's in my message earlier, but I was too lazy to update it

PenFed Visa Signature $35000 (Opened 6/20) - NFCU More Rewards AMEX $13000 (Opened 1/19) -Capital One World Elite MC $11200 (Opened 11/17) - TTCU Platinum Visa $10000 (Opened 10/18) - Uber Visa $5000 (Opened 1/19) - Target Store Card $2000 (Opened 10/18) - Floor & Decor Store Card $36500 (Opened 10/18)
Total CL - $112700

CH7 BK Filed 8/1/17 Discharged 11/7/17

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Re: Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

I have had constant rotation and spent atleast 1 1/2 times my limit a month and paid off, sometimes twice my limit in a month. Sometimes I pif, sometimes I make 2-3 payments in a month. I called today and asked why my denial said low use of my line of credit when I'm spending over 2x my limit??? Aparantly I pif too much and have 0 balances.....😩 I feel like I set myself up for that one.

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Re: Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

@DebtStinks wrote:

The day after my BK7 discharged, I got their Platinum card and only cared about no annual fee at the time. Over the last couple years, I've used the heck out of it and it now sits at an $11,200 credit line. In addition to the Credit Steps Program that gave me (I think) a $500 auto CLI at 5 months, I received several CLI's. 


Around 3 months in, I PC'd to Quicksilver.

5th payment, auto CLI of $500.

After 12th statement, soft pull request CLI of $4000.

Immediately after, did account combination of another $3,500 card that just recently received a "Credit Steps" auto CLI

Requested soft pull CLI in August 2020 for another $1,000

Current CL sits @ $11,200 and also got upgraded to World Elite Mastercard


Platinum cards, rebuilder cards, etc are not "bucketed"


YMMV, but I used heavily and paid in full sometimes multiple times each month. After the "credit steps" increase, they only, as far as I know, permit an increase/decrease once every 6 months so I have it marked on my calendar. I've began using my PenFed PCR card for the 2% cash back now so my Cap1 account doesn't get much use, but it's nice to have the good history on an account since 1 day post discharge.


This is not an "I told you so" post for those saying these cards are bucketed. It's a post to show there is hope and somehow I fit the mold of what Cap1 was looking for in this card...


BTW, I burned Cap1 for over 10k in my BK.


Best of luck!

That is some amazing success, but most DP's indicate that their starter/rebuilder cards are indeed "bucketed." You seem to be an outlier though, especially having burned Cap 1 for over 10k in BK!

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Currently rebuilding as of 04/11/2019.

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Re: Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

So what percentage of my balance should I let report to increase my chances of cli?

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Re: Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

Honestly it probably doesn't matter. Your energy is far better used by trying to grow other cards. Use it to 90% and pay it off (or not) and they'll say you used too much. Use it to 10% and pay it off (or not), they'll say it's used too little. Just let it be. The $100 or so you might eventually get isn't worth wasting the energy to work for. These days it doesn't seem to matter what your history, growth, or scores look like.

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TCL $86,900 | Agg. Util under 5%
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Re: Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

@quikj9 wrote:

@DebtStinks Do you remember what your Platinum starting limit was? For you to get a credit steps auto CLI of $500, I assume it was at least $1000. That might explain why your card wasn't bucketed as other lower limit cards in the $300-$500 range seem to have been. 


Thanks for sharing your successful experience with your starter card. I also cycle my QS's limit regularly, so hopefully I have some good news to report when I ask for a CLI after the 12th statement in a couple of months. 

Exactly. A $500 credit steps increase means it probably wasn't bucketed in the first place. In addition, there's a card combination in there which is no longer possible.

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Re: Help!!! Am I paying Cap 1 wrong to get a CLI??

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:

@zuma1 wrote:

I'm not expecting 10,000 but I would at least like to think I could get to 12-1300 with it🙄 $400 is not something I expected to be at forever lol.

Thats unrealistic expectations especially given the data points here support it. Its not like there have been a rash ofrecent posts about big cli here. Heck most people cant even get $100 cli on the Walmart card despite usage. 

Ain't that the truth! They won't let me go beyond $500. This is why I have stopped using it.

November 2020: Experian 687 Equifax 683 Transunion 698

Cards I Have:
Cap One QS: $600
Cap One QS1: $2,600
Discover It: $2,900
Cap One Walmart: $600
AMEX BCE: $1,000
Amazon Prime Store Card: $2,000
Overstock Store Card: $3,050

Wishlist Cards:
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Cap One Savor

Gardening until January 2021

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Total CL: $12,875 (new)
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