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Help w/ Airline CC's

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Help w/ Airline CC's

I am going to be travelling quite a bit in the next year and am looking to get a CC with airline rewards. I currently have a CITI diamond preferred rewards card. Any help with the following cards that I am looking at?


Citi Premier Pass Really seem entrigued by this one. Free $50 credit upon approval for first flight. I use expedia a lot to book flights. 1 tank you point for every 3 miles flown? Is that correct?


Citi AA Advantage Amex- 


Any Northwest Airlines CC. 


I usually fly Northwest Airlines. Any help on the above cards? What are my chances for a card with scores of 690, 661, and 683.



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Re: Help w/ Airline CC's

well as for travel cards there are a couple that i like.


1. amex plat (don't have one yet)

2. delta amex (i think they may have changed the rewards structure since i had mine. my wife works for delta and once she got hers a did a product change to blue.)

3. citi hilton can double dip rewards points with skymiles


please note i'm not sure if delta has merged the rewards points for northwest yet. if you really need to know i can ask my wife how these cards are impacted.

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Re: Help w/ Airline CC's

if you fly NW a lot, you can STILL get a worldperks visa with the bonus miles, but do it fast because offer will go away soon.  NW and Delta is merging their programs sometime in the fall.  Right now if you get your worldperks visa with the bonus and worldperks account, then you can just open a skymiles account, and transfer miles back and forth between Delta and NW at your choosing for free.  When the eventually merge the 2 programs you keep all miles, you won't lose them, but they'll become Skymiles.  Worldperks is being phased out.  Plus they'll waive your worldperks annual fee on their visa.  (U.S. Bank).  Since US Bank no longer will be part of the new Skymiles/Delta association, they'll probably do a product change to your worldperks visa at that time (merger complete...later this year). 


Just keep in mind, Delta's skymiles program is horrible compared to worldperks as far as fees/availability of award travel etc., hopefully the 2 merged programs will be a better program...(otherwise my 200k+ miles on NW will be spent before the merger is complete).


Amex will be/is exclusive to Delta so if you want you can also apply for their Delta card with 25k bonus miles.  (unless you hate Amex...).


hope this makes sense, it's a little late here hah

good luck

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