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Help with Citi Product Change

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Help with Citi Product Change

Hey guys,


So I have 2 Citi cards, a Simplicity and a Citi Premier card. I am now using the Chase trifecta for my rewards, so I no longer want to keep the Premier card with its annual fee. I called Citi and asked to PC to a double cash card, and they told me the system would not allow them to do that because of "penalty pricing." When asked to explain, the guy didn't really have an answer, just told me I needed to keep my account in good standing for 6-12 months and I hung up frustrated. I assume he was referring to a penalty APR due to a 30 day late payment I incurred in 2017 on my Simplicity card. I changed bank accounts and didn't update auto pay for the Simplicity card and didn't keep an eye on it, but whatever.


My payment history is actually perfect on my Premier card, so I'm a little confused as to why this would be an issue at all. I did go over limit a couple times and they reduced my credit limit to the new balance when I paid a huge chunk of the card off last year (also frustrating). I actually recently paid off ALL of my debt and these cards are now sitting at zero balances... I am trying to be smart and maximize my rewards and avoid unnecessary annual fees, etc.


Does anyone think I should call back and escalate this? What's the right strategy here? The AF renews in Feb 2019 and I'd really like to avoid paying it if possible. Thanks!

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Re: Help with Citi Product Change

But the Simplicity card doesn't have a penalty APR... that's what makes it strange. If you look at the price terms of both the Simplicity and Premier you will see Premier has a section about penalty APR while Simplicity doesn't have one. Did you actually check online to see which account has a 29.99% APR?


Nonetheless, I have recently (a few days ago) seen someone here with a penalty APR with Citi denied a product change due to the penalty APR, but they were able to get the penalty APR removed by contacting customer service and then they processed the product change. So I would say worth another shot, start with getting your account's penalty APR removed if there is one. You can also try the online chat.

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Re: Help with Citi Product Change

This was super helpful, it looks like the Premier card has the penalty APR. I will attempt to get this removed first... I think I just got a CX agent who was a little green.


Update: Got through to a supervisor and got penalty APR eliminated and the PC went through no problem. Thanks again!

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