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Help with rebuilding credit

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Help with rebuilding credit

Hello, I'm rebuilding my credit, taking baby steps here. My FICO score is 709, I have a bankruptcy in 2006.  I have one MasterCard with a $500 limit and one store card with a $300 limit. To raise my credit score should I not go over 20% or 30% of my available limit? Should I pay the balances in full each month or carry small balance each month? Thanks very much. 

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Re: Help with rebuilding credit

Welcome aboard.

Since you have two cards

What's reccomended is have only one account showing a balance .. no more than 9%

Other pay before closing to show 0 balance.

Rotate between the cards.


While your in what they call Bk mode Don't sweat it out -

you will see your score hit a peak and won't go any higher.

As your accounts Age with time you will see changes in your scores as you move from one score card to next level.




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Re: Help with rebuilding credit

Thanks so very much hot4u Smiley Happy

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Re: Help with rebuilding credit

Hello and welcome!!


I don't know how much of this will help, but it is good reading:


Best of luck to you!

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Re: Help with rebuilding credit

Fastest way to increase your credit is to put balance on one card and have a total of 2% utilization. 

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