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First I'd like to thank everyone here for all of their help. I've gone from EQ 590 (Dec/Jan) to EQ 662 (Yesterday).


Now I was hoping you guys can help me with selecting a CC that I would have a good chance of getting approved for. I have two old CC's that went bad in 2003 from BofA and HSBC and I want to start establishing my own credit


I have a car loan for 5K, AU on a CC with 13k, Macy's $300 limit, (no baddies), Util around 20%.


Inquires EX 4, EQ 2, TU 1 (opened up a few checking accounts and didn't know they do hard inq... sad to be me. =(


Also, I have 4 paid collections accounts (also from 2003 and have sent GW letters..... hoping for good news)

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Re: Help.....

Is that 20% UTIL on just the Macy's card- or also on the AU card? How old is the Macy's card?
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Re: Help.....

I completely forgot to mention. I'm also AU on AMEX.


The 20% Util it on all cards combined. it's something like 18% or so.  The macy's card is just one month old.

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