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Helping GF Build Credit!

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Re: Helping GF Build Credit!

So she still hadn't receive an email as of yesterday and decided to call the application status # again and.... she was approved for the Citi Forward Student! She said she was excited and hung up right away instead of transferring to a CSR and ask what the credit limit was! Oh well, I guess we'll find out when the card arrives next week. Anyways, big thanks to everyone for their advice and now the both of us will be gardening until January!

01/04/17 Equifax FICO 788
01/04/17 Experian FICO 789
01/04/17 TransUnion FICO 784

Amex BCP $24,000 | Chase Freedom: $13,000 | Chase SR: $35,000 | Discover IT: $20,000 | PenFed Platinum: $32,000
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Re: Helping GF Build Credit!

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