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High Score and Declined

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Re: High Score and Declined

DI wrote:
Thank goodness a person's personality isn't factored in credit decisions.  There would be many declines.


You really tickled my ribs with that one! +1
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Re: High Score and Declined

usmc58555 wrote:
I have no control over annomalys.


Reasonable thinking would differ with that story.


But granted at the same time I am sure we do not have all the facts in that approval.

Was it this year or in the Good Ole days of 3 years ago?


$250  a month is interesting income- Student status? Or interest from a $100,000 held in account with HSBC.


I am sure looking at that entire approval would show some interesting things.

married person? Retired...anyway


This yr. Unemployed. Interest but not with HSBC and it was my understanding source of income was not asked for.
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Re: High Score and Declined


Message Edited by VGCR on 08-04-2009 08:05 AM
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Re: High Score and Declined

Welcome to the forums and NICE JOB!
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