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Home Depot and Sears Online AU ADD


Home Depot and Sears Online AU ADD

Today I finally was able to register online for these cards and I go to the AU users section and see that my wife is added on both, but only has her name, initial and last name (not mother's maiden name). I go to the add AU user section and it asks for full name and SSN, I was never asked the SSN on both calls that I made to both companies (it says SSN is optional). It also has an option to not give the AU a card so I think this may actually report and help scores? Else why would you have an AU and not give them an actual card.


Sears card will be on second statement after the 20th, HD card will report similar, but first statement. Neither card is showing on her reports.

Does anyone have experience with adding the AU online and it reporting? And how long it takes before first report?

As of Feb: AAoA 1 year, 10 months
CK TU: 740; Wal-Mart TU FICO: 721
CS EX: 715
8 CCs, 15 total accounts.
Negs on report: 1 30 day late aged 3 years
5 inquiries
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