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Hooters/Merreck mess up

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Hooters/Merreck mess up

Ok....I didn't think it would cost me $1700 to pay off a current Hooters card with a $428 balance....



So we get our taxes back and decide to pay off our credit cards....ever last one of on 2/12 I go on DW's card and make the PIF.  Website response.....error. Try again......error....Try a third time....error.  So then we call to complain that we can't pay it off....they offer to do a check by phone for free because the internet website is having errors... Until they decide that they don't want to take a check from my checking for her card.  So I finally decide to make the payment from my bank's bill pay...


Fast forward to today...wife gets a call informing us they had a problem and processed 3 payments online for the full amount and my 4th was already sent to them.  They have "canceled" the other two for us.  Wife calls me and I call them back telling them to get the third "cancelled" as well because I already sent the full balance.  First the rep tells me I'm "just an authorized user" and can't talk about reversing the payments....I tell her it's my checking account and she better get them on the line. They assure me the payments are being stopped...  Check the checking account....   it's now $1700 lighter.  They are so #^%&*^ lucky we still have a lot left from taxes or I'd be screaming at every rep until my voice went out. 


So they have "no idea" how the first rep is "canceling" the payments since they are already removed and the reps are adamant they have no possible way to send me the funds through EFT.  Rep tells me i might have to file the payments as unauthorized, but they have no idea and the guy who does should call us again on Monday or Tuesday.  They seem to think it's no big deal....


Oh by the way....on the terms and conditions it states you can only make 1 payment every 24 hours.....  HA!


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Re: Hooters/Merreck mess up

thats kinda annoying, ask them for credit bal refund in day or two
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