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How do you continue an application at PSECU...

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How do you continue an application at PSECU...

I was chugging along the application, until I got to the part about funding. Unfortunately, I don't have an active checking account yet.


I'm having a sort of chicken and egg problem, because it seems most checking type accounts need a checking account to fund them.


I faxed in some identification stuff to Alliant today. Their account could supposedly be funded with a credit card, but the online app couldn't verify my identiy Smiley Mad. Hopefully everything will go smoothly there, and I will finally have a checking account and these problems will be behind me.


I mainly want the PSECU for the EX FICO, but their credit card looks mildly interesting.


Basically, at some point I would like to continue my application (unless I have to start over, I've been looking really hard for a way to continue). Can someone point me in the right direction.


Also, any chance I could use a debit card to fund  PSECU account? I can just wait for Alliant to come through (if they do), but is there some other trick to get it funded? I have cash, debit, or credit, but online, cash doesn't really work. If there was some trick to fund with debit/credit that would be cool. To me, it seemed that I needed to use a check or ACH transfer...


Anyway, I feel like a bumbling fool trying to get all this done.


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Re: How do you continue an application at PSECU...

You can always send money order or if you have a credit card that offers checks.

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