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How long should i wait???

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How long should i wait???

I'm currently in the process of disputing a charge off on my credit report. I have one credit card (2500 CL) and would like to apply for another to help my credit in the long term. I also have two hard inquires in the past two months. Should I wait till after the dispute over the charge off is complete/paid off? Or can I just go ahead and apply for another credit card? my current score is 606 by the way.
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Re: How long should i wait???

It is against TOS  to dispute any accurate reporting!!!!!


When filing a dispute on any baddie might come back verified and if not reported in awhile will update and cause your scores to drop.


You would only dispute a CO if it past CRTP!!!!


I am moving you to the credit card board. The people there have the info. that you need reguarding what CCC is pulling what CB and what your chances are in being accepting.


IMO  you should have 3 CC  because they weigh more on your scores then any other credit.


BUT do it right!!!!  ask questions and shop around before applying!!!!!!!

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