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How often?

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Re: How often?

@Booner72 wrote:

Finally got the letter from Home Depot - they looked at Experien and his score was 659.  Reasons for denial: lack of revolving, collections, lack of installment loan.


I wrote them a recon letter and faxed it.  BTW, the backdoor # to Home Depot is really good, they answered on the first ring.


Asked for a small credit limit, explained medical collections, told them we want to shop there bc it is close and want the benefits of the card.  I guess we will see.



Good luck....



Home Depot is kinda hit and miss....



I asked for a CLI having just got the card and they declined and sent me a notice.....



Well, where it says why they declined my increase request is blank......AND it said my credit score they pulled is 728.....while that would be great, it would also be news to me as none of my scores are anywhere near that as far as I knew (which goes back maybe a week or so)

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