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How to actually check for Chase credit card offers?

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How to actually check for Chase credit card offers?

Okay so, I know of two places to check to see if I have any offers for Chase credit Cards; however, those two places are saying two different things for me. Here's what I mean:


(1) Chase's Prequalifcation Link

Whenever I go to and put in my info, it says quote "We are unable to locate any offers for you at this time.", Quote "This may be because you have opted out of "pre-screened" offers from Chase and other companies or you have recently responded to another offer from Chase. However we may still have products to meet your needs. Please continue to". 


So basically, this is telling me I'm not pre-qualified for any offers unless it's the pre-screened situation but I just opted in a few weeks ago on and I've been getting mail offers from Capital One and a few others before that.


(2) Chase's Credit Offer Page

Whenever I use Chase's website or their app (mainly the app) and go to the Credit Journey Page and then to offers, it shows me 4 cards that I'm pre-qualified for. Those 4 cards are the Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, the Slate and the Sapphire Preferred. And where it shows the approval meter, all 4 are in the green for good. 



Can someone debunk this or tell me what's going on here? 

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Re: How to actually check for Chase credit card offers?

When you log in and go to the "Just for you" tab, what does it say there?  I have green checkmarks, green preapproved offers with credit limit shown, and black prequalified offers.  I don't have any offers in Credit Journey.

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Re: How to actually check for Chase credit card offers?

I've never had any offers under the prequalified link.


The place where I initially saw my offers was credit journey. But, when I opened up a chase checking account, I saw prequalified offers under the credit card section. Top left, scroll down until you see the credit card tab.


If you're not a chase customer, credit journey may be your only option. From what I've seen and heard, if the APR is a fixed number, the offer is solid. Though nothing in the credit world is 100%.

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