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JUST CLOSED!!!! Now what Cards

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Re: JUST CLOSED!!!! Now what Cards

Cheryla18 wrote:

myjourney wrote:

jeffcasd wrote:

ok just closed Yesterday in ohio on my home loan.  My equifax fico is 644 and transunion fico 661.  I was wanting to apply for the chase freedom and a lowes card. do u think i should right now??? what are my chances?? i have a capital one cash rewards and a orchard card utilization is 27%   thanks

Congrats on the new home Yay

UTL is a little high if you can pay it down to 10% I think you should be good for both before home reports on CR

How does the Home Loan affect the credit when it hits?

Your DTI jumps too. Could cause issues depending on your other reporting monthly payments because banks don't like DTI reaching a certain threshhold. 

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