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Keeping the Aspire

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Keeping the Aspire

So Hilton has extended all unexpired weekend certificates to August 31, 2021. This is really generous and just may have swayed me enough to renew the card for at least another year.

Now I could potentially use 3 weekend night certificates before August 31st,  2021 now! I have one from the Surpass SUB last year and I would get 2 more if I renew the card this year and next!


what are your thoughts? Has this swayed anyone who were currently on the fence of keeping the card?

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Re: Keeping the Aspire

i'm on the fence right now as well although my AF wont be due for another 7 months. Hilton is always running promotions. The current one is 2k points for every stay. This is pretty good especially when I stay w/ them for short 1-2 nights. Also 10k points for every 10 nights. I can see them extending this offer, similar to the weekend vouchers.


I have both the Surpass and the Aspire. Will be downgrading the Surpass to Honors for sure. Aspire will be tough to use airline credits since I'm not based in the US most of the time. It's the only card which gives me Priority Pass at the moment which I value because unlike the crowded PP lounges in the US, it's actually useful where I travel.

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Re: Keeping the Aspire

In full disclosure, I wasn't really on the fence, but this is definitely a nice benefit. I am fortunate to do a moderate amount of work travel that lets me stay in Hilton properties of my choosing. According to my spreadsheet, I need to use this years credit for 210 to break even against a 2% card spend (without banking on any credits I haven't earned on travel side--only used $99 of that so far). Definitely makes it clear that there is a lot of value for the Aspire for me. 


I am hoping for some positive news in the near future so I can enjoy a few domestic travel events over the late spring and early summer. 

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