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Kohls/Chase store card CR issue

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Kohls/Chase store card CR issue

I have a Kohl's Charge that I opened back in May 2007, I used it once in awhile and then decided to close the account in Jan 2008. It was closed for less than 1 month before I called them back and had it re-opened. So when they re-opened the account they also gave my a CLI, said the same account number etc and the credit report will reflect as if the account has never been closed. Since this happened my credit report (all 3) have reported the account as CLOSED. I have disputed the info with every bureau but they always come back "verified and updated" but the account never reflects as open. I have called Kohls NUMEROUS times and complained/demanded my report be fixed and they just send a letter to me stating they are reporting accurately.


What should I do to get the account showing as opened? and what negative affects is this having on my credit?


Please help!

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Re: Kohls/Chase store card CR issue

Try calling Chase, if you haven't already. Call the number on the back of your card. Kohl's itself doesn't deal with CC strangeness; that's Chase's job.

If you've already called the number on the card, try the general Chase number (on the Chase website.) Someone isn't hitting the correct buttons to make the card report as current and open.
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