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Lowest APR?

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Re: Lowest APR?


BFH 0%

10/2012 Started with 588 EQ Fico score and 20+ CA and CO
1750$ total CL
10/2013 in 700 Club
Personal :Total CL 196K
Business : Total CL 200K
Business LOC : 1M
Garden From 10/13/2013
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Re: Lowest APR?

13.99% on Citi Premier.  Everything else is 15%+.


Clearly, I'm not doing very well in this category.

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Re: Lowest APR?

Someone asked which credit union...



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Re: Lowest APR?

Many of my cards are in their 0% promo period until like end of this year or next.

So my lowest standard purchase rates (not including promos or current bts and their aprs) are:
1. Chase Slate Visa 9.24%
2. Capital One Visa and MC 13.99%
3. Discover 19.99%

I don't really use my accounts that have high purchase rates, but I totally charged like $4,000 to my $5,000 Freedom @0% haha!!! I only use credit that is cheap. I typically pif before the bt or 0% ends haha

Marriott PR$25k | BCE $24.5K |BankAmericard Visa $25k| BOA Better Bal $17.5k |Wmt Discover $12.5k | BR Visa $17.5k | Amex Delta Gold $10k | Discover IT $10k | Paypal Extras MC $15k | Amazon Store $10k|Smile Gen $7.25k | Dillard's $10k | West Elm $4k| Express $3.05K | Visa $4.5k | Freedom Visa $1k| Amex Surpass $1k
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