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Making minimum payment to amex


Re: Making minimum payment to amex

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Questionable.  AMEX & Chase, but I think more Chase, use an algorithum to monitor account payments, especially with new accounts and then flagged accounts are reviewed by a person.  Not sure IMO if it's worth the risk.

The OP scenario is to pay the balance in full by the due date. I doubt an algorithm could pick out any sort of trend from that, other than “cardmember may be making multiple payments by the due date.”


I don’t see any risk.  

Yes this. I just don't feel like PIF right now but I was trying to see if making a minimum payment now would speed up my bonus posting. However, after looking into it I believe the SUB offer requires 1k more spend than I had spent already, which would explain why the bonus had not posted. I spent an extra $1k on the card, so hopefully I will know in a few days once that charge clears. 

Amex bonuses are always triggered by spend, never by payments, and are usually extremely fast.  For example, my SPG (later Luxury and now Bonvoy whatever) and SkyMiles Platinum bonuses hit within a few days of receiving the cards since the first purchase on each was enough to hit the spending requirements - well before any payment was due.  The MRs for my upgrade to Platinum about 4 years ago and retention on my Gold card at the end of 2017 both posted within a day or two of the charges that met the spend being finalized.

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