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Merrick Card - highest limit?

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Merrick Card - highest limit?

Merrick cards usually don't grow have a good history of growing but they can serve their purpose when rebuilding.  If you have one, what is your high limit? 

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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

I have mine now at $2950. They just bumped me up for $200 about 2 months ago. They only do auto CLI.

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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

Mine isn't a primary card but I'd like to see the limit increase. It seems like they only give a few hundred at a time. I doubt I'll ever see it at $5K.

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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

$2200 on my elderly moms credit. Started at $1100. No annual or monthly fees.

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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

My mom has it and her limit is $6k.

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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

$1800 for me.


I have had several Merrick cards over the years and never had any issues with them.


No BS payment problems, no fees, no interest, nothing.


They seem to be a decent bank for marginal credit.


I have also never received a CLI after the first "double CLI" but I only use it for about $10 per month to keep it active.

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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

someone on the forum has one at 8000$ or something, but this one was acquired by a bank that merrick bought out and also has a low interest rate of like 8% as well.. Obviously this is the exception to the rule.  Which I could think of forum members name off hand

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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

$3100 CL for me, but it's been at that CL for several years. But then I've outgrown it with Cap One, Barclays & Discover rewards cards and only charge under $30/mo in small monthly bills like Netflix to keep it active. No fees, so I'm happy to keep it. Their policy of not allowing customers to ask for anything (can't request a CLI or lower APR) is a bit annoying, but they get to run their business the way they want.


EDIT: And this morning I got an email from Merrick: "Holiday savings from your Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card"


I'm thinking "Wow, Merrick never offers anything to customers!". So I click - it's offers from VISA, discounts from certain retailers if you use a code & pay with a Visa card. Thanks Merrick! If I use any of the Visa Promos I'll pay with my Quicksilver Signature Visa and also get 1.5% rewards instead of a lump of coal from you. Smiley Frustrated.

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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

In December, I will have had my Merrick CC for two years.


Started with the 550 > 1100 offer, then two CLIs that total 1800 now.


I closed my other rebuilding CCs but will keep this one for awhile longer.




 ETA: I got the 'holiday savings' letter also, read it, and I am disappointed too.

Maybe I will send them an empty envelope to their payment system!  I pay using my bank's online pay system, but still, get THEIR hopes up for nothing!




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Re: Merrick Card - highest limit?

Guess merrick is still by invitation only. At least their APR isnt 30 percent, nor do they compound interest like credit one, and no AF.

We have a merrick bank card with a $3k limit.  I firmly believe the only reason it got that high was from carrying a balance high utilization.  Their transunion go score is up to 900 so not fico 08s unfortunately. 

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