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Mini App Spree and CLI


Mini App Spree and CLI

Discover More Approved: $2000

Amex Blue Everyday: $3000

Merrick Bank Auto CLI: $400 (1200 to 1600)

Citi CLI( 1500 to 3000 soft pull)

BOA 1-2-3: Denial Smiley Sad waiting for letter to recon

Chase: App under review (probably denial from past burn of CO )

Local Credit Union: $2500 9.96%APR


So I figure I haven't apped for anything in a while ( about a year),  I'd go out and try to see what I could get. Still have a 2 CO(paid) and a few lates on report. All over 5 years old. Util is about 30% From what I read BOA usually counters with secured card and Chase is tough to recon if you've burned them in the past. I think it's time to go back in the garden and hopefully when I come back out in probably a year my scores will continue to climb.




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Re: Mini App Spree and CLI

You really have some good cards in your wallet! You are doing GREAT!


If I were you I would call for credit line increases every 6 months. You are right on the cusp of getting some $5000 CLs.


I would suggest gardening until you have 2 of your existing cards at $5000 CL. I bet some of your older cards would give that to you now if you called.

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Current Score: EQ 763 4/9/18 - EX 758 4/9/18 - TU 782 4/9/18
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Re: Mini App Spree and CLI

Very nice, grats!

5/2012: 560 credit scores across the board
12/2014 750+
3/2017 780+
5/2017 800+
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Re: Mini App Spree and CLI

Got tired of hearing my application was being reviewed through the automated line so I did my first recon ever with Chase. I got the news I expected with a denial for surprisingly high util (24%). Was nervous being that I burned them for about a $1000 about 5 years ago with a charge off.  I asked nicely if I could have my application reviewed. The lady was extremely polite which was a good start and she just asked me some questions about the charge off and that several accounts that were late or charged off around that time. Just was honest and she appreciated that for the last 3+ years I've had positive history and have been responsible. Then she put me on hold which felt like forever LOL....



About 5 minutes later she said I was approved and that the card should arrive in 7-10 days!! So excited I forgot to ask my CL so I called the automated line and it came back with you've been approved for $3500. The highest limit so far. Now I'm going to patiently wait for my BOA denial. Hopefully I get the counter offer or I'll recon. Not sure how tough it is to recon them. The help and knowledge of this forum is much appreciated and I couldn't be any more thankful.

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