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My Best Buy Member SUB offer

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Re: My Best Buy Member SUB offer

@BronzeTrader wrote:

@FinStar wrote:

@BronzeTrader wrote:

Best Buy is a dying chain and dying brand.  And BBY reward program is pretty much dead.  And this Citi BBY card earn BBY rewards.  


I won't waste any HP and any time with this card.  Unless you are looking to get into Citi and look for a potential product change to other Citi card.


The Citi Retail division does not PC any of these products.

If one day BBY goes out of business, the BBY card would be product changed to other Citi card.  Citi just would not close card accounts like the old Synchrony Rakuten or the US Bank Radisson cards....


Except this would be false @BronzeTrader. Citi Retail has exited ~10 previously issued CC programs (closed loop and V/MC) that were not converted or transitioned to other in-house programs. Those cards were eventually closed. Google is your friend if you'd like to do some research. While the BBY CC program is likely to continue, no one knows whether it'll exchange hands, remain with Citi, or if BBY goes south, then it's likely to go away like most retailer CC programs. 


Unless you are intimately familiar with how decisions are made in their boardroom, have vast experience with Citi Retail CC programs, are a Citi Retail employee with such knowledge, please refrain from spreading misinformation.

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