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My USAA Secured AMEX is Graduating

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My USAA Secured AMEX is Graduating

It's been seven years. The limit is $1000 and it used to be my primary card. I haven't used it in a year and I didn't think USAA would ever budge on their secured cards but I received a letter today stating my card is upgrading to a rewards card.


I did a search to see if anyone else had posted or heard anything about this but came up empty, so just wanted to share.

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Re: My USAA Secured AMEX is Graduating

I thought I recall reading that they changed their secured card policies a year or two ago... I haven't been paying as much attention to that market vs. when I was deep subprime and desperately needed secured cards.


Nice to see them apply this basically retroactively to their old accounts too... I still have one secured card from DCU which just sits with a minimum deposit as it's one of my oldest tradelines and it's seriously unlikely they will ever take it away from me short of a BK no matter hat happens to me in my financial life.


In my case my USAA card was one of the first unsecured cards I got, and I used them a few times for secured installment loans (even if secured against a CD isn't the best solution for reindeer games) and I still carry all my insurance through them but good to see them be righteous elsewhere.

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Re: My USAA Secured AMEX is Graduating

7 years, that's a long wait. Congrats!

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Re: My USAA Secured AMEX is Graduating

Congrats! Good things come to those who wait. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

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Re: My USAA Secured AMEX is Graduating

That's wonderful news, congratulations!!

I'm so glad USAA finally made the decision to allow their secured cards to graduate (and, that nearly a year after making that decision, they're finally implementing it!). It was a good option for (re)builders but it sucked that it didn't graduate. I kept mine for a year - just long enough to build history and app for one of their unsecured cards. Of course, just a few months after I closed my secured, I found out they were working on changing the program to include graduation - now I wish I would have held onto the secured card... 😔

Anyway, congrats!!
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Re: My USAA Secured AMEX is Graduating

I recall they changed up their messaging about the secured cards a couple years back, about when I gave up on any chance of the card graduating. I’ glad they’ve decided to allow it to grow. Going to wait until I have lower reported balances before I request a “credit limit change” (first time seeing this option). Maybe I won’t have to neglect this card any more. 😂

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