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My first credit card

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My first credit card


I need some advice my first major credit card.   My girlfriend payed  $2000 for some of my schooling and I need to pay her back.  I pulled my fico 2 months ago and they averaged 670.  I disputed and old negative account which fell off TU EFX and they jumped to 763, and 788 respectively.  I know WOW.   Unfortunately XPN still has the old account and according to Free credit on 4/1/09 is 687.  The old account should fall off in August but I don't want to wait that long if I can get a balance transfer at 0% now.




Which CCC's should I apply for? (Ones that pull TU or EFX reports.)


How can make XPN to fall in line with TU and EFX.?








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Re: My first credit card

Are your TU and EQ scores FICO or FAKO scores? Either way they look good. Do you have any CCs now in good standing?


Kind of depends on where you live which report different companies pull but Citi Bank usually pulls EX and Discover pulls either TU or EX...both offer good BTs. Juniper pulls TU.


 Any new accounts or recent inquiries?


Edited because I just realized you said "first credit card" and need EQ pull, not EX., sorry...maybe someone else has better options for you.

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Re: My first credit card

I would say Hooters Mastercard and they pull TU, they should give you a few Thousand with that score.


Just my 2 cents....

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Re: My first credit card

I would go with Capital One since they always have BT offers.
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Re: My first credit card

 TU and EQ are FICO scores


I live in San Jose (Northern California)


I have 3 had inquiries





I should clarify that I have previously held credit card.  In fact I currently have a Macy's card (they were giving me 30%).  Unfortunately I was so poorly educated in credit that I canceled them with in months of opening them. 



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Re: My first credit card

I recommend BOA and Chase. They are pretty generous with CL and offer balance transfers at 0%. While you're at it, try Discover too. Get them all.
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Re: My first credit card

If you going to use he credit card to pay back the GF- bad idea. The cash advance rates on cards are outrageous!- You may be better off setting up a payment plan with her- or getting a personal LOC from a bank or credit union.
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Re: My first credit card

Credit Unions and member orgs such as Alliant, PenFed and USAA pull only your Equifax report.

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Re: My first credit card

I just ask for a cli from Chase and they pulled equifax. Also after reveiwing my inquires as to when I first applied for the card, it was equifax then too. Hope this helps, Good luck!
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