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Need some input on an application

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Need some input on an application

So last week I applied for Amex BCE and Discover IT.  I was denied for the Amex BCE and got the 7-10 day notice.  


Reasons for denial were:

Number of trades

Fico Score

Insufficient Time since most recent account established

High Utilization of credit lines or insufficient utilization of information


Key Factors to my Fico Score(I am assuming it was equifax as that was the reason for my denial but they pulled all three)

Proportion of Loan balances to loan amounts is too high

Too few accounts currently paid as agreed

Lack of Recent Revolving account information

Length of time accounts have been established

Too many inquiries in the last 12 months.(On equifax at date of application there was 1)



I think why I was denied was my capital one card was still not reporting to Equifax.  It is reporting to TransUnion and I believe Experian. I think that was the biggest issue which I did not know it was not and it cost me three hard pulls. Smiley Sad  According to them my Fico score was 663, although according to here it was 678.  So maybe this is my experian score?


My TU score for my Discover IT was 725.


Basically, where do I go from here?  Do I try for a manual review, or just wait until Capital One updates my information and try again? 

Amex BCE: 3000, Discover It 2500, Capital One QS1: 1750

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Re: Need some input on an application

Manual review will be one more Hard pull.Dont attempt.Try a diffrent lender like Citi or GECRB

Good luck

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Re: Need some input on an application

We need more info about your credit profile. I'm on my phone, so I can't see signatures and I apologize if it is there.

But do not take daniel's advice and just start applying until you get approved. You should consider what your long term goals are and how likely you are to be approved for certain cards. Taking unnecessary inquiries now will hurt for up to two years.

What credit cards do you have? How long have you had them? Score is not the only thing that impacts your chances for approval.

What are the balances on your cards? Do you have any baddies on your credit reports? What is your income?

It sounds like you have a very thin file, and potentially student loans in deferment.

My suggestion would be to wait as long as possible (6 months would be good) with your Capital One card before trying for new cards. You need to show lenders that you can handle the revolving credit you already have.

Good luck - and please provide more info if you have it.

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Re: Need some input on an application

I'm sorry, maybe I missed it but did Discover decline you too?
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Re: Need some input on an application

Just saw your Discover approval post and I was right.

The "loans balances are too high" thing is likely due to your deferred student loan. That will continue to show up until that loan is paid down - or at least that's what I found from my deferred loans. It went away when I paid my student loans down to under 80%. You also have very little revolving history reporting. But once you have your discover for 6 months and your Cap1 for over a year you will be in much better shape. I would play it cool for a while so that you don't get approved with toy limits.

Read some threads here about utilization, and approval chances. Plan an attack for 6 months or a year from now, and join the garden. You will be in great shape in no time if you play it cool now.

If you apply for everything under the sun, you will end up with inquiries, cards with tiny limits, a low AAoA, and a bunch of denials.

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