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New CSR, Closed CSP and consolidated credit line

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New CSR, Closed CSP and consolidated credit line

I received my new CSR today-took two days to arrive via UPS next day service.  I went to a local chase branch and performed the CSP closing and CL transfer.  My new CSR line is $24,500.  My other chase card is a $2200 Freedom.  I'm keeping my inventory at 6 total cards.  My increased credit is making me a bit spend-happy, especially my need to make that 4000 spend.  Spent $1000 today on art using the CSR and paid it off immediately.  I still have a $4000 balance (3.9% interest thru August) on my $18,900 discover but am trying to return the item.  I bought it on Amazon and it wasn't what was described.  I just applied for the refund today and am waiting to hear back from the third-party seller who called me after the sale and assured me there would be a 100% refund.  I hope that is the case.


Current card lineup:


CSR  24,500

Discover 18,900 (4000 balance)

BCE 16,500

NFCU Cash Rewards 14,000 (new 4K CLI)

Freedom 2200



FICO dropping after new account and NFCU CLI (est. 670-690)

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