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New [?] Credit One AMEX Cash Back Card


Re: New [?] Credit One AMEX Cash Back Card

@elboullee wrote:


And then there's the whole thing of trying to fool the gullible into mistaking them for Capital One by literally stealing their logo.


Believe it or not, Capital One "stole" the swoosh logo from Credit One! The Bloomberg article that does a deep dive into this is behind a paywall for me. Fortunately, Wikipedia has the TLDR version of it on their Credit One Wiki entry...


"The Credit One Bank logo and the Capital One logo both have an arcing "swoosh" above their names. This has led to some confusion among consumers. Credit One Bank adopted their black and blue logo in 2006 after they changed their name, and Capital One adopted their blue and red logo in 2008. Capital One's subsequent $13 billion marketing campaign led to a large number of new customers for both itself and Credit One, some of whom were unaware that the two were different companies."

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Re: New [?] Credit One AMEX Cash Back Card

I guess I've just been lucky to not have had any of the fee harvesting, predatory, and bad experiences people keep mentioning.


I don't do he said, she said, so I can only base my opinion on my actual experience with credit one, which has been rather pleasant this last year.


When I first signed up, they did offer insurance protection that would have charged a monthly fee in addition to the annual fee, but the terms were clear and I declined.


I can only assume some people thought if they rejected the insurance they wouldn't get approved and then later became upset with what they agreed to.


At any rate, my credit ones 28.9%apy is actually better than mission lanes 34.4% (1.5% cb and no af), capital one walmarts 32.8% (5%cb promo and 2%cb after that), Amex Breads 29.4% (2%cb everything), Citi custom cashs 29.8% (5%cb up to $500 spend), and oportuns 31.4% (no cb, but $32 af). There are many more cards out there with worse apys than my credit ones.


Since I pif every month, I suppose apy doesn't matter.

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Re: New [?] Credit One AMEX Cash Back Card

I mean, I'd argue they could/should have sued for trademark infringement over CapOne stealing their swoosh because there's clearly confusion, but it is benefitting them and they're clearly not below benefitting from things that are sketchy at best.


And I've gotten multiple offers for a 1% cashback Amex from them that I've turned down because almost all my cards at least match 1% across the board, if not in some (or all) cases beat it.

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