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Next Step

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Next Step

 DW and I  were discharged from CH 13 2/28/17   and started rebuilding ,I think we had very good luck.


   Now we are looking for what to go after next. 

    Here's were we stand.  1   We got 2 new car with great rates %3.49 on both , one in my name,one in hers.

                                           2   Capital one Platinum with $3000 c/l in her name and Me as A/U  

                                            3   Capital one cash back quicksliver $3000 c/l in my name and her as A/U

                                            4   AMX Blue Cash Everyday with $2000 cl in my name and her as AU  [ we did have a AX before the CH13 that was closed}

                                                        Do we get AX in her name? 

                                              We have a mortgage that reports all of of the payments.   


              Were do go from here?      Is it time to Garden maybe 6-8 months ?       We have a share account with Penfed. We want change checking and savings to Penfed                All of scores are around 650-680.

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Re: Next Step

Looks like you're primed for the garden. 3 cards, installment loans, fair scores... time to let them work for you and come back to get even better stuff when you're over 720. Won't take long.

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Re: Next Step

+1 - I'd sit in the garden for at least a year. You're in good shape now it seems.


** Every Card has a Job, and Every Card does its Job **
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Re: Next Step

It's "Spring", time to start gardening !!


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