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No Citi PC

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Re: No Citi PC

@UFGuy2006 wrote:

@scientifics wrote:

I was thinking more about this PC (I have 45 days) and I'm assuming it will just piggyback on to my current account (so the age doesn't change and nothing gets "closed") I right?

So interesting news... I've been thinking about converting my Diamond Preferred for a while now since I have no rewards. After thinking about the TY Preferred Card and the Forward card, I decided I would rather convert to the Forward card. WELL, I just got off the phone with a Citi account manager who did have the ability to convert the card to a Citi Forward card (first line CSRs could not) and lone behold they state that converted cards are not eligible for the "promotional" 5X points back that new card holders get. Rather, converted cards get the 2X points back. She looked this up (as initially she said she was not sure) and she herself was surprised that it was 2X and not 5X for converted cards. You may want to give them a ring back just to make sure you are getting the Forward card you wanted... I was peeved to say the least.

I just talked to a CSR again and they confirmed that my CL and interest rate (lower than the lowest offered on the Forward) would stay the same and that I would receive the 5X bonus points back. If this doesn't end up being true once I get the card/terms, will I still be able to cancel the PC and go back to my old rate/CL?

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