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Not sure if its worth waiting

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Re: PFD's Finally Updated!

dmmartinez wrote:



I need to call the App Verification Team and theyre gone for the day.

She said it was probably fine, but that I can chat with them during business hours.


If this is helpful to anyone, the Chase App Verification Team # 800-278-8830


Thanks so much for the support, I'll keep everyone posted!

This means so much to me. Its been a surprisingly emotional experience!

I bet you got it.  If you've recently moved or something you put on your app doesn't match perfectly with your credit reports (they likely pulled two), it could just be identity verification.  I would take that as a good sign.  Please report back after you talk to them tomorrow.  My recent Citi app gave me a "one week" message and I called them right away.  The reason it wasn't an instant approval was because I guess I was nervous and totally failed to put any kind of phone number on the app.  LOL.  Call took about 2 minutes and boom, approved!


Good luck!

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