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Oh silly Citi!

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Re: Oh silly Citi!


Ulan wrote:

Hmm, I guess my habit of shredding all these Citi offers that flood my mailbox seems to be a good approach Smiley Happy. Sorry to hear that.

Ulan, I should have continued doing what you've been doing.  LOL.  I guess the tiny CL surprised me.


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Re: Oh silly Citi!


gbishere wrote:

The card could grow to be 5k + ...

Probably, but I'm not interested in waiting for that to happen, if ever. Not sure of the score drop I'll face, but I'll just start credit gardening until the required time to app again.


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Re: Oh silly Citi!

when i apped for citi platinum select mastercard, they pulled eq and i know i was around 760 at the time of the pull. they only gave me 1600. im fine with that, but it is interesting quite conicentally i have a home depot CITI card, (which is my highest limit of all of my accounts) 12.1k. use it to by lo carb monster energy drinks and snickers candybars. (ooooh my cholesterol and blood sugar)

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Re: Oh silly Citi!

Man one day I'm going to be able to say '$1800.00' ... HA! I laugh at the thought of YOU! Take your 1+1700 and kick rocks!


But i'm rebuilding.. have never had a card with 5 digits  Smiley Sad and have to wait till my last two baddies fall off (2012) and my  BK7 dies (in 3 years) so that gives me enough time to rebuild with my CU cards and my Kays (which is my highest at $1400.00)


I do however have my USAA platinum MC at $1000, and my (3) NFCU CC at $500 each so I'll just ride those for two - three years and then go for the big ones!


Great thread though it had me over here ROLLING!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Oh silly Citi!

I also had a pre-approval attack from CITI, and the offer for the Diamond was good and decided to try and transfer my (total) balances of $3500 at 0% and knock that out within the year.

Checked my FICO's and they were the highest ever to me at 737 EQ and 742 TU, and decided to pull the trigger. My expectations of getting a high CL were low because my highest CL was $4.5k with Dell and $3.5k on my highest non-store CC, and I had a total CL's of around $15k.


To my surprise, I was instantly approved for $8.7k. I posted this so there is an example on how CCC have their own rating systems and as we know are not based on scores alone.


Maybe your work history is too short?

Maybe your AAoA is too short?

Maybe your credit mix is not what they like to see?




Who knows, but with time and trial and errors, I've learned to always expect less from creditors, and then surprises like mine happen. And there's more, after a week or so of that approval, seeing the CL I decided to pull the trigger again,  and get my foot in the door with Amex, applied online for the Blue Cash, instantly approved for $8.3k!

These two CL's add up more than my previous TOTAL limit was!


I would call the back number and talk to one of the credit analysts to see what exactly you need to do to increase tha CL, if something.

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Re: Oh silly Citi!

I've talked to front line reps, analysts, and 'managers' and they all say wait. Who knows how they assign limits. Maybe, in 5 years, the card will grow to a limit I can use--$2000!!! Hey, at least the rate isn't offensive @14.24%!

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Re: Oh silly Citi!

Oh, I forgot to mention: I get BOMBARDED with BT offers. 0% for 6,12,15, 18 months but I can't do anything with the limit! AAARRRGH!

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