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PC in progress and can't use current card

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PC in progress and can't use current card

Was told I could continue to use my citi Amex until i activate my Hilton Reserve visa. Payed the balance to 0 yesterday.

Log in this morning and see the account is closed at 0 balance. Not having received the new card yet I called to ask what's going on. Rep said conversion request is being processed but yes this account is closed.

Slightly confused. I guess I could kind of see this happening going from Amex to visa. Starting to remember why I stopped using my citi card as much - their customer service is a let down more often than not.

Thought I would share.
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Re: PC in progress and can't use current card

Sorry for a litte off, but when I just read the header in the list of topics my first thought was "It musta be Citi..."

And bingo Smiley LOL


I'm getting more and more confident that as soon as I pay off the balance on by Dividend card, I'm gonna axe all my ties to this financial institution...

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Re: PC in progress and can't use current card

When I PC my Aadvantage Amex card to the Hilton Reserve I went through a similiar situation, I could not make a payment to my account as it showed closed, but a few days later the new card came in the mail and I activated it, no problems.

I must be one of the few here that likes Citi.

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