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PNC Balance Transfer Offer - Anyone else?

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PNC Balance Transfer Offer - Anyone else?

Hey all,

    I saw an offer for 0% on balance transfers through 06/30/2015 with a 1%/$10 minimum fee when I logged into PNC online banking on Thursday. I have a balance coming off Chase Slate's 0% offer that will certainly be retired by next June. Did any other PNC cardholders see this online? If you have balances out there it might not hurt to call in. I just did my transfer over the phone and the gentleman said they were pushing BT offers right now. Sure beats another inquiry and ding to the Aaoa (had the card since 07). I have the PNC points Visa, in case that information is helpful to others.


Happy debt killing Smiley Happy



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Re: PNC Balance Transfer Offer - Anyone else?

I saw a while back they gave us some BT offer... I think it was around Dec, because it came right around the same time we got an offer on our Bankamericard. We don't have a use for it, so never used it... Honestly the credit card is the product I am most dissatisfied with when it comes to PNC. I do love their virtual wallet, though. 

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