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PSECU Conditionally Approved?

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PSECU Conditionally Approved?

The PSECU Visa/PSL Combo has always been my target, and today I just randomly (!!!! too much coffee, too much work and too little sleep !!!) filed the application for it. It was conditionally approved instantly. The PSECU craze on myfico probably faded 2 years ago, anyone still remember what conditionally approved mean for PSECU?


Edit: Looks like I applied for the CC only, not the CC/PSL combo Smiley Frustrated I am not going to call in to change that and jeopardize the current application. $20k is good ultilization padding for now. $40k might be a bit too much exposure for my current profile, I would like some room to grow other cards as well.

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Re: PSECU Conditionally Approved?

I love PSECU I got a 15k limit on the PSL/CC combo..

Too many to list..
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