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PSECU Welcome Call

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Re: PSECU Welcome Call

I faxed it in, but did not call. I waited for them to contact me because I didn't want to rock the boat. Wasn't much help!

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Re: PSECU Welcome Call

In my case, I originally joined through the Parks... But, when my application paperwork arrived, I decided to change that to Arts... This was all done before they made the change to Arts.


My paperwork is on the way back to them and they should receive it today. I am hoping that I will get in "just in time". I have recieved my checks and debit card so far.


If they let me in, I will most likely buy a Certificate for $500 and let it sit. Then, I should not need to worry about inactivity  on checking. Yes, $500 is quite a bit to drop with them, but I think worth it. Think of it as a $500 insurance policy!


I have not decided if I will APP for one of their credit options.




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