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Pay Pal Smart Connect CLI

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Pay Pal Smart Connect CLI

Checked Pay Pal account today and found out that I received a $1400 auto CLI  to a CL of $5200.  This is my second auto CLI in about three weeks.  Barclay gave me a $1200 ACLI on my US Airways MC.  JCP gave me an $800 CLI (requested) , as well. The Pay Pal account is my first account to reach over $5000 in CL since I started rebuilding 4.5 years ago.  Since then, I have had two judgements hit - Midland 3 years ago Smiley Mad and most recently NYS tax - right after Christmas of last year. Smiley Mad.  Other than that, and I know those are big, things have been a bit smooth, and since the credit crunch - my CLs have been steadily rising.  My BK falls off around this time next year.  I have to just keep plugging away!!


Happy no more begging for CLIs from Cap 1.  With my MC and my Discover - It took only 6 months to get more of a CL on both cards than I had on my Cap 1 cards in 4 years!  I think it helped that I closed a lot of credit cards too.  I have a few store cards - but only the 2 major CC -  I have my eye only on a  Citi Visa - one day - after they stop holding my having included them in my BK against me  Smiley Tongue

*Note to self* Remember why and for how long you had to rebuild in the first place! One Day at a Time, One Day at a Time!
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