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PenFed Application Process

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Re: PenFed Application Process

creditwherecreditisdue wrote:


Also, the number you list in your post is not the number listed on the CC webpage.


Perhaps, but it's definitely a viable number. I just applied for the card with it.


Good Luck,



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Re: PenFed Application Process

Hi...just to add my 2 cents...


I withdrew my 1st app for the PenFed VISA when I first did it. I'm finishing up grad school, and I started to think..."Oh my gosh...what have you done???"

I went online and withdrew my app.


A couple of weeks later, I was on the phone with a CSR about something else. She asked me why I had withdrawn my application. I told her honestly....and she told me I could include my husband's income, and she walked me through the process by phone. It was painless. They were able to use my same credit report and pulled one on my husband. He's self-employed, so we had to send in some IRS forms. I asked for and got a credit line of $5k.


I've now had two statement cycles with PenFed and great rewards. And, yesterday, we applied for and were approved for a vehicle loan at 3.99%.


I love PenFed.

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