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Penfed BT

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Penfed BT

I got in the mail checks from penfed. Usually they are 0% for 12 months but these are 0% for 18 months. Anyone else getting this? Of course transfer fee is 3%

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Re: Penfed BT

Yes. Arrived in the mail today. Same time periods as mentioned.

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Re: Penfed BT

No checks for me though it would be appreciatedSmiley Wink

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Re: Penfed BT

Hmmmmm. I'll be checking the mail today and I'll see if they sent me some. That is a nice deal!

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Re: Penfed BT

I had offers for 2 cards. Both were 0% for 12 months but 1.99% for 18 months. All with 3% BTF. 

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PenFed BT Mail Offer w/ Checks

Did anyone else get a mailer? Either 0% for 12mos via a link or 0.99% for 18mos if you snail mail it yourself. 



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Re: Penfed BT

I also received checks for 0% 18 months with 3% fee a few days ago

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Re: Penfed BT

Yes I received same checks with offer today in mail.  0% for 18 mos 3% BT fee.

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Re: Penfed BT

Wait a minute.

I thought this was an Exclusive Member  Member Exclusive  offer...








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Re: Penfed BT

I got four of them!  (Two for me, two for DW!)


All four of them are zero percent for 18 months with a 3% fee.


We'll be able to use at least two of them... possibly three!

01/01/23 Fico 8: EX 753, EQ 770, TU 773.
12/04/22 Fico 9: EX 759, EQ 767, TU No idea.

Zero percent financing is where the devil lives...
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