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Penfed Power cash visa offer letter was in my mail box today...

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Re: Penfed Power cash visa offer letter was in my mail box today...

@Aim_High wrote:

@AllZero wrote:

@Aim_High wrote:

PenFed must be mailing these out like crazy.  This is the third member today who has asked!! 

There was just a similar thread and approval on PenFed earlier today.

I posted a couple of replies with a detailed analysis of PenFed's lending and other answers.

See this thread:

@Aim_High   You need Macros. Smiley Wink


How to use Macros in Posts

Good tip, I'll look into it! 

My technology knowledge is dated at times and I need to step up my game! Lol


*Amazing fact:  My first exposure to computers was a college course where we learned flowcharting, computer languages of Cobol-Fortran-Basic, and used punch cards to run programs!  I believe the year was ... 1979.  Home computers were mostly still a novelty and the "internet"? ... well, it was used by academics and government agencies and bore no resemblance to what we know today.  Can you image a world before ... MY FICOSmiley Surprised   Smiley LOL

@Aim_High  Using macros saves time when you find yourself typing the same answer to multiple different posts that ask the same thing. It's not too difficult to set up. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want.


We'd be lost without computers and myFICO. Smiley Surprised

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