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Q about util

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Q about util

im still really new to this whole thing!!  Smiley Happy  my overall util for 6CC accounts is 16%  im not sure if that is good or not?!
it will be lower next month because i just got a Tribute and First Premie and the util is pretty high due to their "fees" (hated to do it...but i need the pos tradelines to help prove i can handle my credit NOW and the mistakes i made in my past dont reflect me now!!)  i have already paid on both of those this month and cannot make another payment on them until june.
my BOA 99/500 is at a 14%.  i used it for $143 and made a payment already (eventhough i dont have one due until june...) of $75 so my bal is $68.  i hope they like the fact that i made a payment already and one isnt due yet!!!!!!  (but im kinda mad bc their annual fee for the card is every may and i wouldnt have had to pay it if i got the card next month...oh well, small price to pay!!!)
so..back to orig q.. am i on the right path with util??
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Re: Q about util

Yes, you're on the right path! Smiley Happy 16% and you are paying it down. In general, UTI for all CCs should be less than 10% - and for best FICO results, more than half of your CCs should report a $0 balance.
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