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Question please read

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Re: Question please read

@Anonymous wrote:
Thanks a lot for the input. I also remember I opted out of pre screening offers a while ago. While your prob right I did opt back in and gotta wait five days for it to take effect.

That would do it. Smiley Happy


I agree with waiting a bit, at least until your second oldest card is six months old.

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Re: Question please read

Yeah I am going to wait. My income is about 50k and I have a car loan that was never late and ended in 2010 and a Bank of America credit card that was actually paid in full and closed in 2010 also when I was having some problems in my life. That’s the extent of my credit history aside from the cards I have now. At one point my score was a 534 and now that it’s over 720 I’m extatic. Pretty much all I’m looking for is one good limit card that I can use everyday for the rewards and so my utilization doesn’t shoot up like crazy and then just pay in full.
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Re: Question please read

Thanks for everyone’s help
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